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Taib says Sarawak victim of ‘economic sabotage’

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Nov 28, 2012

KUCHING – Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud said today systematic campaigns to discredit individuals and even a legitimate government were tantamount to economic sabotage which warranted a serious response from the state government.  
Taib, who is also Sarawak finance minister cum resource planning and environment minister, said he did not condone such systematic campaigns which tried to prevent a small developing economy from growing even though in a democracy the people were free to assert their wishes.
“Increasingly, we notice that negative actions are being organised in Sarawak to gain global attention and a handful of local organisers seem to lead this opposition to get funding from foreigners,” he said when winding up debate in the state assembly meeting, at Petra Jaya, Kuching.
“They discredit the government in a web of lies and half-truths wrapped around ignorance and twisted logic,” he said, adding that it was the position of the Barisan Nasional that the economic strategy was sustainable growth as opposed to economic stagnation.
As such, he said, it would be short-sighted to oppose the construction of dams in Sarawak and to listen to outsiders whose real intention towards the state’s continued development was suspect at best.

Taib said that having developed the state’s economy with oil and gas, timber and palm oil, the current development strategy was to develop Sarawak’s resources and promote energy-intensive industries in order to build a niche as part of the global supply chain.
It was also a rare opportunity for the government to create good-paying jobs in Sarawak and to stimulate the business and investment environment, he said.
On dam construction to generate hydro power, he said, the state government would carry out its plan to develop hydro-electric power projects to make the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score) a success as such an energy development roadmap was important to provide Sarawak with a certainty in its future economic direction.
He said hydro dams had the advantage as a cheaper source of energy besides serving multiple purposes, including flood control, water irrigation, water supply and ship navigation, as well as the development of tourism.
Even International Rivers, an international non-governmental organisation that had spread its tentacles, acknowledged that opposition to a dam did not mean that it should not be built, he said.
Pointing out that the government was serious in ensuring that the hydro dam projects were done properly, he said it established the Sarawak socio-environmental impact assessment (SEIA) process, which was an adaptation of the key elements of international guidelines to Sarawak’s conditions, including the right of the indigenous people to land and land-based activities. – Bernama


Sarawak’s timber export up this year.

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November 27, 2012

KUCHING: The state timber industry has experienced encouraging export growth from January to September this year, said Second Resource Planning and Environment Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan.

Awang Tengah said during the period, the total export value of timber products had increased three per cent to RM5.54 billion compared to RM5.4 billion in the same period in 2011.

He said the growth in timber export was driven by increasing demand from consumer countries such as Middle East, South Korea, China, Philippines and India.

“For the Middle East market, the export value had increased 92 percent from RM274 million for the period from January to September 2011 to RM526 million for the same period this year.

“The export value to South Korea had also increased 37 percent from RM343 million to RM471 million in the same period,” Awang Tengah said during his winding-up speech for his ministry yesterday.

However, he said the export value to Japan, the primary importer of the state’s timber products, had shrunk 10 percent from RM2.29 billion for the same period in 2011 to RM2.07 billion.

Awang Tengah said the major timber products exported by the state during the period were plywood, sawn timber, veneer, fibreboard and timber.

He stated that the state government would continue with its efforts to strengthen global demand for timber products from the state.

“Among the steps that had been continuously taken are holding market promotional activities such as sales and investment mission overseas, participating in international exhibition as well as taking part in trade negotiations,” Awang Tengah said.

He stated that this was important to ensure the timber industry in the state would be competitive globally and continue to be the main contributor to the socio-economic development of the state.

“For the information of this Dewan, the total log production from Sarawak’s Permanent Forest estate (PFE) is about eight million cubic metres a year, which is only six percent of the total world tropical log production of 136 million cubic metres per year.

The export from Sarawak is only 2.4 percent of the overall world tropical timber production,” Awang Tengah noted.

He said data showed that the forestry sector and timber industry in the state were well managed and sustainable.

On another matter, Awang Tengah said the Natural Resources and Environmental Board (NREB) had received 493 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports from January 2009 to Oct 31 this year, adding that out of the amount of reports received, NREB had approved 417 reports.

“As of Oct 31, 2012, a total of 769 post-EIA monitoring visits had been conducted by NREB and it was found that the compliance level by the project developers was satisfactory.

“A total of 122 letters of instruction were issued to the project developers for cases which did not comply with the EIA approval conditions, instructing them to improve their sites,” he added. – http://www.theborneopost.com.

Sarawak to have 12 mega dams

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The Sun Malaysia

KUCHING – The State Government will only build mega hydro-electric power dams if they are found to be feasible and if there are demands for power, not only to meet the immediate needs, but also future projected growth, Minister of Public Utilities Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan said today.

“The timing and sequence of these projects will be customer-driven and the State will undertake these projects to match the requirements of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) industries and that of domestic and commercial customers,” he said when winding the debate in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly on matters concerning his ministry.

The Opposition assemblymen, during the debate, had asked the State government to justify the construction of 12 mega dams in Sarawak, including the already completed Bakun Dam, Batang Ai Dam and the on-going construction of the Murum Dam.

The 12 dams will have a combined capacities of about 30,000MW.

On the proposed Baram Dam, he said that the government will consider all factors before making the final decision with its construction.

He said that the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA), which started last month, is one of the factors to be taken into consideration.

Awang Tengah, who is also the Minister of Resource Planning and Environment, rubbished the Opposition’s claims that Sarawak is in the running league for the most and fast rate of deforestation.

“The satellite imageries by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), NASA Tropical Deforestation Research, Sarvison and Wetland International, show that Sarawak has a forest cover of about 84 %,” he explained.

He said that based on a FAO definition of forest cover, Sarawak has 10.4 million hectares of forest cover, representing 0.3 % of 4,033 million hectares of the world’s total or 0.6 % of the world’s total acreage of tropical rainforest of 1,664 million hectares.

“Therefore, the accusation that Sarawak has the highest rate of deforestation is a big lie,” he said.

Awang Tengah also said that the total log production from Sarawak’s Permanent Forest Estate (PFE) is about 8 million cubic metres per year, which is only 6 % of the total world tropical log production of 136 million cubic metres per year.

He said that for the Jan-Sept 2012 period, Sarawak exported RM5.54 billion worth of timber and timber products, compared to RM5.4 billion for the corresponding period of last year.

He said the main markets for timber and timber products from Sarawak are Middle East countries, South Korea, China, the Philippines, India and Japan.

Awang Tengah said the export of timber and timber products to Japan showed a decline by 10 %, from RM2.29 billion for the Jan-Sept 2011 period to RM2.07 billion for the same period of this year.

Kucing merah ditemui di Hulu Baram, Sarawak.

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Kucing merah atau nama saintifiknya, ‘pardofelis badia’ yang jarang ditemui di dunia berjaya direkodkan penemuannya di kawasan konsesi pembalakan di Hulu Baram, pedalaman Sarawak.

Imej haiwan liar yang turut dikenali ‘bay cat’ itu dirakam di kawasan Unit Pengurusan Hutan (FMU) Sela’an Linau yang keluasannya melebihi 56,000 hektar berhampiran Taman Negara Pulong Tau yang turut menjadi Jantung Borneo, membabitkan Malaysia, Kalimantan, Indonesia dan Brunei.

Pengarah Institut Biodiversiti dan Pemuliharaan Alam Sekitar (IBEC), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Prof Dr Andrew Alek Tuen, berkata kehadiran haiwan liar itu berjaya dirakam berhampiran banjaran Gunung Murud Kecil yang turut dikenali sebagai kawasan penting bagi hidupan liar di Borneo.

“Imej kuching merah yang turu menjadi endemik di Borneo dirakam di dua lokasi di Gunung Murud Kecil iaitu pada September dan Oktober lalu oleh penyelidik di bawah kendalian IBEC.

“Kucing Merah diklasifikasi sebagai terancam oleh Kesatuan Koservasi Dunia (IUCN) dan dilindungi sepenuhnya di Sarawak mengikut Ordinan Perlindungan Hidupan Liar 1998,” katanya dipetik menerusi Berita Harian bertarikh 21 November 2012.

Alek berkata memandangkan hanya beberapa kawasan hutan di kawasan berkenaan menjadi habitat lima spesis kucing liar termasuk ‘hose’s civet diplogale hosei’ yang dianggap endemik di Borneo, ia perlu dilindungi.

Bajet Sarawak 2013: Kewangan Sarawak terus kukuh.

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20 Nov 2012

KUCHING: Kedudukan kewangan negeri bagi tahun 2013 dijangka kekal sihat dan kukuh dengan lebihan Belanjawan 2013 berjumlah RM83 juta.

Penjanaan lebihan belanjawan ini adalah berdasarkan kepada jangkaan jumlah pendapatan sebanyak RM4.1 bi-lion berbanding perbelanjaan lazim berjumlah RM4 bilion termasuk peruntukan Akaun Dana Pembangunan (DFA).

Menteri Kewangan Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud ketika pembentangan cadangan Belanjawan 2013 semalam berkata untuk merangsang aktiviti ekonomi dan menyokong pertumbuhan ekonomi sepanjang tahun, negeri memerlukan belanjawan yang menjurus kepada pembangunan.

Oleh itu katanya, sejumlah RM3.4 bilion  atau 69 peratus daripada Belanjawan Negeri 2013 dicadangkan untuk pembangunan manakala selebihnya, RM1.5 bilion atau 31 peratus adalah untuk perbelanjaan operasi.

Malah katanya, bertepatan dengan usaha berterusan ke-rajaan untuk memastikan kedudukan kewangan negeri kekal sihat dan kukuh, Belanjawan 2013 dijangka mempunyai lebihan berjumlah RM83 juta.

“Dalam usaha kita mencapai lebih banyak pembangunan yang seimbang dan luas serta menyokong pertumbuhan ekonomi, Belanjawan 2013 juga akan fokus kepada objektif-objektif dan strategi-strategi utama seperti menyediakan peruntukan mencukupi bagi kejayaan pelaksanaan dan penyelesai-an semua projek dalam Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan (RMK-9).

“Selain itu, Belanjawan 2013 turut akan fokus kepada kesinambungan rancangan jangka panjang transformasi dan penstrukturan semula ekonomi dan sosial bagi me-mastikan pengagihan pembangunan yang sama rata di seluruh negeri,” katanya pada Persidangan Dewan Unda-ngan Negeri (DUN) di Kompleks DUN, Petra Jaya di sini semalam.

Antara lain Belanjawan 2013 juga akan memberikan tumpuan khas terhadap memperkukuhkan  keberkesanan pengurusan kewangan kerajaan negeri serta kecekapan sistem penyampaian.

Pada masa yang sama Belanjawan 2013 juga akan terus memberikan keutamaan kepada perdagangan dan industri, pembangunan luar bandar termasuk sektor-sektor lain seperti kemudahan awam, pengangkutan dan komunikasi, pertanian dan pembangunan tanah.

Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Ketua Menteri dalam pembentangan cadangan Belanjawan 2013 itu semalam turut menjangkakan jumlah pendapatan bagi tahun 2013 adalah mencecah RM4.1 billion.

Pendapatan ini dijangka disumbang daripada cukai pendapatan sebanyak 23 peratus atau RM975 juta, cukai bukan pendapatan (RM3,047 juta), penerimaan bukan pendapatan (RM9 juta), serta geran-geran pusat dan pembayaran semula berjumlah RM119 juta.

“Bagi tahun 2013, kerajaan negeri bercadang untuk memperuntukkan sejumlah RM4 bilion untuk perbelanjaan lazim.

“Daripada peruntukan ini, RM1.5 bilion adalah untuk perbelanjaan semasa sementara selebihnya, RM2.5 bi-lion adalah untuk akaun peruntukan pembangunan bagi membiayai projek-projek dan program-program pembangunan,” katanya.

Terdahulu dalam pembentangannya, Taib berkata Belanjawan 2013 diformulasikan dengan pandangan untuk melestarikan pertumbuhan eko-nomi dengan pengagihan yang seimbang dan pada masa yang sama mengekalkan suasana kondusif bagi pelaburan dan perniagaan.

Belanjawan ini menurutnya juga memberi tumpuan ke atas pembangunan kawasan luar bandar bagi mera-patkan jurang pembangunan antara kawasan bandar dan luar bandar.

“Belanjawan ini menggambarkan komitmen kerajaan negeri untuk terus memperbaiki prestasi dan kedudukan kewangan dalam usaha melindungi autonomi dan kemapanan kewangan.

“Dalam penyediaan Belanjawan 2013, kerajaan turut mengambil kira pelbagai cabaran yang mungkin dihadapi daripada kedua-dua sudut sama ada domestik atau luar negeri.

“Oleh itu, perlu untuk ke-rajaan kekal seiring bukan sahaja dengan pembangunan terkini tetapi juga menjangkakan kemungkinan yang boleh memberi kesan ke atas pembangunan pelbagai sektor ekonomi negeri,” katanya.

Mengimbas prestasi kewangan 2012, Taib menjelaskan bahawa jumlah pendapatan negeri adalah RM4.7 bilion manakala perbelanjaan negeri adalah berjumlah RM4.5 bilion dengan lebihan RM167 juta.

Murid catat A dalam UPSR 2012 di Sarawak meningkat.

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20 Nov. 2012

KUCHING: Sarawak mencatat peningkatan 0.22 peratus atau 111 orang calon yang berjaya mencatat pencapaian cemerlang peringkat A bagi semua mata pelajaran dalam Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) tahun ini.

Pengarah Pelajaran Sarawak Abdillah Adam berkata, pada tahun ini seramai 2,010 calon mendapat A untuk semua mata pelajaran berbanding 1,935 calon tahun 2011.

“Walaupun peningkatan yang dicatatkan sedikit namun kita berbangga kerana ada antara sekolah di luar bandar mencatat keputusan cemerlang,” katanya semasa mengumumkan Keputusan UPSR Peringkat Negeri semalam.

Hadir sama Yang Dipertua Majlis Islam Sarawak (MIS) Datu Putit Matzen dan Guru Besar Sekolah Kebangsaan (A) Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir Hassan Rosli Terhim.

Daripada jumlah itu, menurutnya seramai 1,430 orang daripada Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) berbanding 1,319 orang pada tahun lepas iaitu peningkatan 111 orang.

Beliau menambah, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) juga mencatat peningkatan seramai 64 orang iaitu dari-pada 516 orang pada 2011 kepada 580 orang pada tahun ini.

Selain itu katanya, seramai 26,009 calon atau 56.90 peratus berjaya mencatat seku-rang-kurangnya penguasaan minimum C dalam semua mata pelajaran berbanding 24,344 calon (55.52 peratus) pada tahun lepas.

“Sebanyak 94 sekolah mencatat pencapaian 100 peratus pada tahun ini iaitu 79 buah Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) dan 15 buah Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC).

“Selain itu, 45 buah sekolah mencatat pencapaian antara 90 hingga 99.9 peratus dan 136 buah mencatat pencapaian antara 80 hingga 89.9 peratus tahun ini,” ujarnya.

Dalam pada itu, Abdillah menjelaskan, mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggeris menunjukkan peningkatan signifikan dari segi penguasaan minimum C iaitu meningkat 3.3 peratus daripada 66.96 peratus (2011) kepada 70.25 peratus tahun ini.

“Penurunan dicatatkan untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Melayu (Pemahaman) iaitu daripada 91.89 peratus pada tahun lepas kepada 88.05 pe-ratus tahun ini,” jelasnya.

Bagi Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) semua mata pelajaran menunjukkan pe-ningkatan pada tahun ini berbanding tahun lepas.

Abdillah berkata, berdasarkan keputusan tahun ini jurang perbezaan antara sekolah bandar dan luar bandar semakin rapat.

“Banyak sekolah luar bandar yang mendapat 100 peratus lulus. Pada masa akan datang kita akan memberi penekanan agar lebih banyak sekolah luar bandar mencapai prestasi terbaik,” kata Abdillah.

SPDP To Field Winnable As Well As Loyal Electoral Candidates- Mawan

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SIBU, Nov 17 — The Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) seeks to field electoral candidates who are not just winnable but who will remain loyal to the party after winning the next parliamentary election in the state.

“If you are no longer loyal to us, you are no longer loyal to the Barisan Nasional (and) Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in their respective capacities as the state and federal BN chiefs,” SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom said in his keynote address at the party’s 10th anniversary dinner here last night.

He said the BN, chief minister and prime minister needed all loyal BN members in the struggle to unite the people for the nation-building process.

Mawan also said that the party would go all out to defend its Baram, Saratok, Mas Gading and Bintulu seats in the next parliamentary election.

After 10 years, the SPDP had undergone its own restructuring and re-engineering, he said.

“(Members of) our Puteri and Putera wings, who are young, loyal and professional people, will come forward to play bigger roles within the party,” he said.

Mawan said there was always the tendency among parties in the state BN family to try to outdo each other within the coalition.

“This we know and understand. As long as there is fairness, we can accept it but we will never allow ourselves to be bullied.

“There is always a chance that other people may try to take advantage of our internal problems, but I know we will be resilient and united,” he said.

On the resignation of about 900 party members here two days ago, he said the SPDP was still intact and strong with more than 100,000 members and had continued to receive applications daily from people wanting to join it. -BERNAMA.

S’wak Veterinary Dept not following Health Ministry’s SOP

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KUCHING (Nov 10, 2012): The Sarawak Veterinary Department is not following the Health Ministry’s standard operating procedure (SOP) in sampling and analysing the chicken products of Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn Bhd, its minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said, here today.

He was made to understand that the department had began collecting samples of the products in May to analyse it until August this year but only announced its findings on Nov 1 this year.

Speaking to reporters after officiating the 9th World Congress of Chinese Medicine 2012 here, he said the department did not inform his ministry ahead of announcing the prohibition of the importation and sales of the Ayamas products in Sarawak.

“I believe that according to SOP, the Health Ministry must be informed so that we can assist. At the Health Ministry, we usually do the sampling immediately. This cannot be delayed because what is important now is that the people are given quick and accurate information and the action must also be fast,” he said.

He made these remarks to explain his announcement in Parliament last Thursday that Ayamas products analysed by his ministry did not contain the antibiotic, Chloramphenicol, against what that had been discovered by Sarawak Veterinary Department in their analysis announced on Nov 1.

While admitting that it was the duty of the Sarawak Veterinary Department to decide on the importation of the Ayamas products to the State, Liow said they should be feeding up-to-date information to his ministry on the issue.

“We have to let the public be aware of what is happening now. You (the department) give me a data which is (collected) a few months earlier. I can’t act on a data which is (collected) a few months earlier,” he added. – Bernama