YangSaya Nampak

No racial clash in Lawas.

In Sarawak, Sosial on September 26, 2012 at 2:15 pm

(From YB Baru Bian facebook)

Update from Lawas. (26th September 2012)

The protest organised by the Lawas community yesterday went successfully without any incident. They March to the Police station to submit a memorandum demanding Justice for the brutally murdered victim, the late Edwin Singa Pelipus. There was no riots in Lawas as was alleged by some. The Police Chief of Lawas thanked the organiser for the peaceful event and promise to look into their grouses. Among the content of memorandum are

1. Request the police to investigate this brutal case swiftly without prejudice. (The group responsible for the murder have several criminal cases connected to them but no charge was ever brought against them until now. There is allegation that this group have ‘protection’ from higher up).

2. Rid Lawas of the drug menace (Syabu). ( Its seems that the suspect were high on drug while committing the murder)

3. They want to stress that the protest is about demanding for justice and has nothing to do with race or religion. ( Among the 13 suspect under police remand now is an Iban youth and a Lun Bawang youth.)

We urge the public not to listen to rumors of racial clashes in Lawas. Lawas town is back to normal today and we urge everyone to remain calm and do not listen to rumors or spread rumors about racial clashes happening in Lawas.

All the Lawas community wants is Peace and Harmony.

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